“How much time are you spending on LinkedIn daily?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions during my LinkedIn training sessions. Take a guess? How much time would an international LinkedIn expert and master trainer spend on the platform? About 50% would guess between 4 and 6 hours. In total, 75% think I am on the platform at least 2 hours a day. In all honesty, I am spending less time on the platform than most people think.

What if I told you that spending more than 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn is a waste of your time?

What if I told you that spending more than 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn is a waste of your time?Click To TweetThe first reaction is laughter. The second one is disbelief. And yet I am telling you if you are spending more than 15 minutes, you probably fall into one of these four categories:

  1.    You are on LinkedIn, but you don’t have a concrete goal.
  2.    You are on LinkedIn, but don’t know the platform very well.
  3.    You are on LinkedIn because you are a recruiter.
  4.    You are on LinkedIn because you are in sales.

Let’s zoom in and look at each category.

  1. You are on LinkedIn, but you don’t have a concrete goal.

Let me ask, do you have a car? What do you do with it? “Drive it” is what I most commonly heard answer (as opposed to admiring it in the driveway). So, when you get into your car, you start driving around until you run out of gas, right? “Oh, no, I go from A to B.” So, you have a destination in mind, even before getting into the car? “Yes, of course!” Well, it is the same thing on social media. Start with your destination, with a concrete goal. Remember the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely)? Use it to fine-tune your aim. Otherwise, you’d just do a little bit of LinkedIn, a little bit of Twitter, a little bit of Facebook, etc. Long story short, you are getting nowhere with no results to show for your efforts. It does not even matter how long you spend on LinkedIn because the only result you’ll get is a lucky shot once and a while.

2. You are on LinkedIn, but you don’t know it well enough.

In this category, it takes you time to get your “things” done. Nobody ever taught you how to really use LinkedIn. And let’s face it, some functionalities on LinkedIn have room for improvement or are just too complex, right? I often make the comparison with learning how to drive. In the beginning, it was hard, looking at all the mirrors, listening to someone giving directions, using the clutch and the brakes, operating the wipers, thinking about the turn indicators, looking at the road signs, and most importantly not to hit someone! Remember that first lesson? How hard did it look, right? How’s your driving today? Most of us drive unconsciously, not even thinking about some of the elements above. It is the same thing with LinkedIn. It does look a bit overwhelming when you first start out. But how much time have you invested in learning how to use it? Who is your mentor? Where do you get best practices? Don’t waste your time doing it all yourself. Get some help!

3. You are a recruiter, and you are using the free version of LinkedIn.

Naturally, you can get some results, and it is an excellent way to get started. A lot of recruiters are not utilizing even 80% of the free version. Of course, there is a lot of manual work to do in the free version. Maybe it is time to upgrade to a Recruiter Seat? If you have one, you know how easy it is to use the additional advanced search (did you try complex Boolean search strings yet?); to set up campaigns; to use talent pools; to automate part of your work (time savings), and to keep track of the results. If you are not getting the most out of your Recruiter Seat yet, it might be time for us to have a chat. By the way, are you aware that top recruiters are 60% more engaged with LinkedIn recruiting tools vs. average recruiters?

4. You are in sales, and you are using the free version of LinkedIn?

Great, you are probably finding new prospects daily and starting to build relationships with prospects. Have you tried Sales Navigator? Why? Did you know that sales people who are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator see 11x more revenue growth than those who only use Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota. I could go on and on about it, but the question is, are you using LinkedIn in the best possible way to generate business? I bet not.

There are many other scenarios possible, but long story short, most people are not using LinkedIn efficiently and effectively enough.

Most people are not using LinkedIn efficiently and effectively.Click To TweetThey waste time because they don’t have the right tools and simply do everything manually if they even can. It is not even about the 15 minutes/day at all. Do you have a LinkedIn routine? Or even a social media habit? I have created the discipline to have a daily routine on top of automation and smart use of the tools. If you find it a challenge to start a new habit, use tools to help you with it. 

This brings me back to the initial question, how much time do I spend on LinkedIn? The answer is 9 minutes/day. Yes, only 9 minutes and I invite you to do the same. Create a daily routine of 9 minutes a day.  I understand that first; you need to work on your profile to StandOut. You need to work on your goals, on your searches, etc., but start with 9 minutes a day. Do NOT save the time up to 1 hour a week on a Friday afternoon, because guess what? You’ll never have that time, so you never start. Once you are in the habit of spending 9 minutes/day, you will see that you are getting results quickly. And don’t tell me you are too busy to create 9 minutes/day.

Once you get in the rhythm of 9 minutes/day, you can start building it up to 15. If you still need more time then get in touch, because then you are ready for the next step again.

To your success,

Bert Verdonck
LinkedIn Expert | Speaker | Trainer | Mentor

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