Spending more than 15 minutes daily on LinkedIn is a total waste of time!

“How much time are you spending on LinkedIn daily?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions during my LinkedIn training sessions. Take a guess? How much time would an international LinkedIn expert and master trainer spend on the platform? About 50% would guess between 4 and 6 hours. In total, 75% think I […]

How To Encourage Employees To Be Brand Ambassadors

Too often overlooked as just being the people who work for the company, company employees are a business’ most influential marketing asset. Their unparalleled value comes from the positive exposure an employee can generate for their employer, using their own digital assets to communicate a professional message to their personal audience. Strong, timeless brands are […]

3 Business Benefits of Using LinkedIn

  LinkedIn offers you a place where you can combine the benefits of branding, marketing and, with the proper attention, build a team of brand ambassadors. When utilizing Linkedin correctly, it can help provide authenticity and credibility to you and your business. As well, given that it is the world’s largest social network for professionals, […]

Meet Alexa, your new AI assistant

Amazon announced it was releasing Echo, an intelligent voice-activated assistant, to the general public. Scredible CEO Colin Lucas-Mudd is an avid technology early adopter, and frequent Beta-tester. We sat down with him to get his thoughts on the beta version, and where he sees the product evolving in the future. “It’s been interesting to see, […]

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