Training Budget Waste
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Employees are a company’s future DNA. That’s why it is important to invest in them to make sure they stay up-to-date, grow their skill-set, and become thought leaders in their field of expertise. The logical step to make this happen is training spends. Being in this industry for a fair amount of years, I can tell you that training alone does not work. I mean it!

Why would I say that? Well, experience has taught me a couple of things.

The first thing is that all our training programmes have a high degree of participant satisfaction (average 93%). It isn’t about blowing our own horn, but rather showing that we are in the top tier of our industry. Another fact: we never just do training. But, before I spill the beans, let me share with you why people do not get enough results through what I call “classic” training.

The second things we learned are grouped in a summarized list. I will share the top 5 with you:

1.     People don’t allocate enough time to implement after the training

Implementation is a big issue. Most participants dedicate only the time they are actually in a training course, which does not work. So, when planning for your next training, make sure you also allocate time in your calendar to implement it! Failure to follow up, by the way, is the #1 reason why people get so little result from offline events. They never follow up afterward, being too busy due to the whirlwind of their everyday activities!

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2.     Trainees get stuck on ‘the doing’ because the training was theoretical.

Some trainers learned to just deliver the training course and don’t have the real life experience or let alone intrinsically breathe their material. Long story short, they focus more on theoretical elements. I always show real life examples on LinkedIn. Yes, that includes being frustrated about the slow Internet connection sometimes, but it gives participants so much more. They get it, immediately, and relate because these examples are tailored to their situation. They not only understand, but also learn how to do it themselves. I’m not in their industry, and if I can do it they can do it too!

3.     They didn’t have the depth of knowledge to ask the trainer valuable questions.

Sometimes, participants are not well prepared for training. Our participants work on several activities before the actual training. If they don’t take the time to do this, we find they won’t be up to speed. As a result, they will be stuck at an initial level, preventing them from asking more detailed questions.

4.     Underlying business factors blocked results

When customers’ products or services are failing or their price structure is inadequate with the demand, that is something we cannot fix. If they have a bad reputation, our training will not solve this either. Something internally at the company needs to be solved first.

5.     Unreasonable Expectations

We have all heard questions like these before:

Q: Can you explain me everything about LinkedIn in 10 minutes?

A: Our longest LinkedIn course is 10 full days. Which topics do you want to focus on?

Q: Can we get our sales up by 10%, about 1M $, as an immediate result of your training?

A: Of course, but only when you fit certain criteria and your team applies our strategies consistently over the next few months, dependent on your regular sales cycle.

Q: I don’t have time for social media, but I want to look good online. Can you help me?

A: Certainly! Scredible is built for you. Let’s start with LinkedIn first to make sure we raise your profile, before becoming a thought leader.

By the way, if you can’t wait, start today by signing up for Scredible now!

Bringing it back to our original topic, it is clear that merely showing up for training and not doing anything outside of the training room is not going to yield significant results. It is a waste of time and money. However, Scredible training programmes consist of 5 phases, which I will share with you in the coming posts.

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